Soft-Sided Cases

The style and quality of your branded sales or sample case makes a key first impression. We can make sure that impression is a good one with a case that complements the products inside.

Foam Insert Cases

  • Perfect for an exact fit and impressive opening presentation.
  • A solid foam interior with individual cutouts to protect each part.
  • The case is laid out to maximize space while offering complete protection for each item.
  • A variety of different types and densities of foam are available – we choose the best foam for your needs depending on the weight and other characteristics of the items.
  • The foam is cut to exact specifications using CNC cutting equipment and/or stamping dies.
  • Dress up your foam for an impressive presentation with our colored velvet-like top surface.

Padded and Divider Cases

  • Ideal for bulkier or identically shaped items.
  • Cases have foam sewn into the sides and use a divider system to separate and protect each item.
  • We use different thicknesses of foam in combination with hardboard, depending on amount of protection needed, to maximize space without sacrificing item safety.

Folders and wallets

  • Excellent for smaller, slimmer items.
  • A great way to show decorative product options like color and finish.
  • Can be designed in variety styles – book, roll up, accordion, with pockets – to easily fold out and display items.
  • We use fabric, clear vinyl, foam and hardboard to create custom, professional handheld cases that will set you apart from the competition.