Our Process

The only thing that matches the quality of our products is the quality of our service. We pride ourselves on being much more flexible and responsive than other case manufacturers. We will work closely with you to develop the materials you need using our time-tested process:

  1. We hold an initial discussion with you to gather all the key information, including the project requirements.
  2. We receive the actual parts to be included in the case or drawings with exact dimensions.
  3. We hold an internal pre-engineering project management discussion.
  4. We finalize the concept and start the renderings and engineered drawings.
  5. Logo options are discussed with you and added to the specification.
  6. We present you with a 3-D product rendering along with AutoCAD specifications.
  7. Pricing and lead times for quantities and prototypes are provided.
  8. Once the case design is approved, we begin tooling and production.
  9. Kitting of any required items into the case and final pack out is completed.
  10. Product is bulk shipped, drop shipped or warehoused, depending on your requirements.